Monday, 2 December 2013

November Moments

Started reading this amazing book again! Want to read it again before I see the movie.
Ate some yummy choc-chip biscuits before I started cutting out gluten from my diet. 
Sewed up a storm getting ready for the Elizabeth Handmade Market and went to market with my dresses for the very first time.
Had a go at DIY screen printing!
Started eating healthier and fell in love with making my own bircher muesli.
Went op-shopping and found some pretty floral vintage goods.
Started a Facebook Page to help people stay up to date with A Mint Daydream.
{Photos from my Instagram feed}

Watching... Hunger games in preparation of going to see Catching Fire at the cinema this week.
Eating... Anything free of gluten, bircher muesli and banana smoothies.
Reading... The Book Thief again before going to go watch the movie and this blog.
Making... Lots of dresses, an online shop and a Facebook page


  1. love all your vintage collections! and I really want to rewatch the hunger games after seeing catching fire last week.

  2. What a sweet month! I loved Catching Fire, I hope you do too! Have you read the books? They're probably my favourite series. I saw your dresses at the Elizabeth Market and they were absolutely delightful! Thanks for the little mention too! x

    1. Aww thank you for your kind comment! I've loved reading through your blog. So inspiring! I went and saw Catching Fire last night and LOVED it! I thought it was very true to the book, which I was pleased about! Xx

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