Friday, 29 November 2013

Floral Vintage Finds

I love it when op-shop finds just coordinate perfectly together! I had this happen yesterday when I quickly stopped by a few of my favourite op-shops and found a bunch of lovely floral things in matching colours! Vintage fabrics can often be really hard to find, so I was really happy to find the amount that I did! I'm planning on making them into pretty floral dresses soon. However, my favourite find from yesterday was a pretty pink Royal Doulton saucer! I have started a habit of buying at least one vintage saucer each time I op-shop to build up my collection and so had a quick last minute look before I left and found the pretty pink saucer sitting right on top of the pile of vintage plates. Have you founds any pretty vintage finds lately?    


  1. So lovely! Is one of those saucers a Johnson of Australia? I found one of their creamers last week, bringing my collection to 3 :)

    1. How fun is collecting vintage tea sets?! Neither of those pieces are Johnson, but good luck with your collection! xx