Monday, 11 August 2014

Granny Square Blanket

As I mentioned in this post, I try to make a new crochet blanket every winter. This year I started a big granny square blanket made from some of my mums scrap wool. In the past I've always followed a pattern and a strict colour theme when making a blanket, so it's really fun to just be able to make it up as I go and pick which ever colours I'm feeling at the time. Even though this blanket is really bright and quite different to anything I have done in the past (you can see some of my other crochet blankets here and here) I really really love it and am thinking of maybe doing something similar but with a black or grey border instead of the white next! 

Do you love crochet too? Or would you maybe like to learn how to? I'm thinking of posting a tutorial on how to make a granny square, if I can figure out an easy and understandable way to do it (I have a feeling I crochet left handed which could be a bit of an issue ha!). If I can figure it out, I will try to have a tutorial up before winter ends!    


  1. Love it!! Please do post a tutorial, I crochet left handed too, so it would really help :)

    1. Thanks lovely! Ok I will give it a try! X

  2. It's fabulous Janelle - love the muted tones - beautiful pics, too!