Monday, 16 December 2013

Lovely Shop | Smug

{All photos taken from the Smug Facebook page}

Smug is a cute little boutique situated in Islington, London. I first heard about the lovely boutique when it was featured in the amazing Spaces book by Frankie magazine. I really love the different bits and pieces that owner Lizzie Evans finds for her lovely shop and especially love the little shop front and building itself! How cute is that little window showing a glimpse of the area downstairs?! This lovely little shop is definitely high up there on my must see list!  


  1. That looks like such a lovely cute little shop! I think I would spend hours in there!

  2. So very many lovely things! Must look it up next time I'm in London... xx

  3. This feels a lot like fate because I just discovered your blog AND this lovely post and it turns out I'll be in London in a few weeks so I'll definitely pay this cute little store a visit x

  4. These pictures are amazing, what camera do you use?

    Lisa -

    1. Hi Lisa! I didn't take these photos. They are all from the Smug Facebook page :) x