Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites

Here are a few of my favourite things from August...

1. The new Party Party app by A Beautiful Mess. I love this app so much and even though I haven't used it that much yet, I just really like the whole concept of it and how it is completely different to any other photo editing app that I have seen. It's basically a photo booth on your phone and has lots of cool features to edit your photos to create things like this. Love it!

2. My Essie nail polishes. I've talked about Essie a lot this past month and that's because I really love them and have been wearing them all month long. I only have two in my collection so far but I'm hoping to get some more of the pretty pastel shades for spring soon!

3. My new Peter Alexander pyjamas that the lovely Coby gave to me for my birthday. They are so comfortable and pretty that I actually considered wearing them out! I also love the fact that we have a Peter Alexander store in Launceston now. It is also very pretty!

4. A set of postcards from one of my favourite artists, the Black Apple. Matt gave these to me for my birthday which I think is such a thoughtful gift considering I've probably only mentioned to him once how much I love everything by the Black Apple. I'm going to maybe frame them and hang them up because they are just so adorable.

5. This months Frankie Magazine. It's no secret that I love Frankie, and this one is a real good one full of things that inspire me such as cute crafts, creative stories and, to top it off, a poster of cats!  

What are some things you have really loved in August?


  1. I couldn't resist and bought myself a pair too!

    1. Haha nice! Aren't they the most comfortable things ever?! I love them! X

  2. Oh those pajamas are super pretty- they look so comfy! :)