Saturday, 6 September 2014

Love Eat Make

LOVE | Now that spring is here, I realised that I needed some new clothes for the warmer months. So last week, Matt and I did a bit of shopping and I picked up a few spring pieces including these new jeans. Usually, I really don't like wearing jeans because I have quite short legs and I find they don't really suit me but at last I've found a pair that I don't mind! They are high waisted, therefore making my legs seam a little bit longer then they actually are, and they are surprisingly really comfy, which is unlike any other pair of jeans I've ever owned!

EAT | My lovely friend Kristy makes the most delicious cupcakes, and for my birthday she gave me a huge box full of turkish delight cupcakes. They were delicious, and didn't last very long at all, as my family also loved them! It was so nice of her to go through the effort of making them for me.

MAKE | Lately I have been working hard on perfecting my new dress design and this week I made one in my size, and I'm happy to say that it looks exactly how I wanted it to! I used some amazing, retro floral fabric that I found at the op shop months ago and I love it. Now I'll just have to check if all of the other sizes work as well as this one and then I'll be able to make some for my Etsy shop.

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