Friday, 1 November 2013

October Moments

Cannot believe how fast this year is going! 
Ate some lovely cupcakes by Philos Cupcakes.
Had some delicious creme brûlée tea. 
Went to a fate held in a church near my house and bought some lovely vintage finds and some yummy sweet treats.
Went to a dinner party hosted by my lovely friend Coby.
Made some dresses out of pretty vintage fabric.
{Photos from my Instagram feed}

Eating... Red velvet and pumpkin spice cupcakes, coconut ice and tacos from Tacos de Pancho.
Happy... To be finished uni for the year.
Enjoying... Seeing my lovely boyfriend win 'Best Professional Service' award for his Business
Watching... Downton Abbey season 3 before starting season 4.
Making... Dresses! Pictures to come.
Hoping... To start enjoying exercise a bit more in November. 


  1. Love your calendar. What a pleasure it must be to open every day!

  2. Where did you find that gorgeous agenda? Love all your pretty photos! :-)

    1. Aww thank you! :) It is by Frankie magazine! You can buy the pretty new diary for 2014 here:

  3. I should have known it was Frankie! Just ordered one! Thank you bunches :-)