Monday, 4 November 2013

4 Summer Goals

A few days ago, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess blogged about 4 Simple Goals she would like to achieve by the end of 2013. I thought I would also join in and think of 4 goals for myself to work towards but instead of aiming to have them completed by the end of the year I'm going to aim to achieve them over summer! So here are my goals for summer...

1. Document Everyday Life. Something I have always been terrible at is taking photos of events and everyday moments. Since joining Instagram and starting a blog I have certainly become a lot better at this, but still often regret not taking photos of events once they are finished. One of my summer projects this year is to start a Project Life scrapbook and I intend on filling it with many memories of this summer and of the rest of 2014. I'm hoping this project will help me to become better at taking photos of everyday life.

2. Exercise Daily. I don't love exercising at the moment. There was a time, around this time last year, where I loved it and was good at it but over winter I've lost all motivation to exercise. I want to start exercising every morning and have at least one long run (5km+) a week. Definitely looking forward to getting fit again!

3. Develop A New Style. Lately I feel as though I'm wearing the same boring items of clothing everyday. I'm so inspired by cute clothing and want to start changing my wardrobe by only buying clothing that I love and by collecting a few new vintage items. I also want to start wearing dresses more as I think warm weather is a good excuse to wear pretty summer dresses!    

4. Drink More Water. I often forget to drink enough water during the day when I am busy running around doing things and this usually results in me getting a headache by the end of the day. In order to remind myself to keep drinking even when I'm busy, I am going to bring a drink bottle with me everywhere I go.

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