Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Dress I Made

Recently I've started making my own dress patterns and have finally gotten to a stage where I feel confident enough to make some dresses out of some of the pretty fabric I have collected over the years. The fabric for this dress was cut from an extra large vintage dress I had bought from an op-shop. I love to recycle clothing and give new life to old, unused dresses! Even though I have decided to keep this dress, I am excited to let you know that I have applied for a market in November where I hope to sell more dresses like this one! Shortly after the market I also am hoping to start up my online shop where I will also be selling some dresses and other lovely goods, just so no one misses out! Excited to share more updates soon!     


  1. oh em gee you MADE this?!

    you are so talented!

  2. It's a lovely dress, you are very clever. Good luck with your stall plans.

  3. You talented thing, this dress is gorgeous :) good luck with the market xo