Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lovely Spaces


I have been a little bit absent from the blog over the last few weeks, due to the fact that my bedroom and workspace has been flooded because of a leaking pipe under our house. The pipe has been fixed now and my space is slowly starting to get repaired (we have to replace most of the plasterboard and rip out the carpet due to water damage). But until it is fully repaired I have no where to do any sewing, making or anything to take photos of to share here. 
I live with my parents, but am pretty lucky to have a living/workspace/bedroom area that is separate from the main part of the house all of my own. While my space is getting repaired I have been living in my parents living room and sleeping on the couch which I have to say I'm getting pretty sick of. To keep my spirits up I've collected a few images from Pinterest on how I might like to style my new space (the upside of all this hassle!). Looking forward to sharing this new space with you hopefully very soon! Janelle xx

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